Survey: Hummers or Hikers?

Some of our readers love their gas powered toys and defend their users: "the most habitat destruction I have come across in decades of hiking, biking, XC skiing, snow shoeing, is from foot traffic (hikers). They are the ones bringing in picnics, bottles, cans, etc... and just tossing them. Not all, mind you, but bikers don't carry this stuff, and responsible 4X4 don't even consider it since they just put the garbage back in the vehicle." Some hummer owners even fill them with biofuel.

UPDATE: A number of commenters suggested that we did not offer an option of coexistence and cooperation; we have added it.

UPDATE 2: Welcome, Thumpertalk readers! we are glad you are visiting treehugger. If you want to see why I personally don't particularly like ATVs, read this post ATVs: Destroying the Climate and Environment for Fun and my review of Thrillcraft. I look forward to your comments on both.