Survey: How Much Control Do You Have?

I was reading some criticism of TreeHugger on another website that said we were too concerned with things like compact fluorescents and clothing and not enough about the bigger things, like changing your appliances and re-insulating your house (never mind banning coal or eliminating airplanes) I responded by suggesting that we have all kinds of readers, and that many people do not have control over the big things- they may rent and can't change the furnace;often they can't even lower the thermostat. They may live miles from transit and have to drive; they may be on campus and don't have wide choices of what they can eat.They may have to wear polyester uniforms. They may have the kind of jobs that don't pay enough to let them do the big things. We have to start somewhere, and it makes sense to start with the things that we can control rather than just complain about. What can you control or not control, because of where you live, what your income is, or other circumstances?