Survey: How Much Control Do You Have, The Sequel

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Over a year ago, we did a survey about how we have all kinds of readers who don't have control over big things-"they may rent and can't change the furnace;often they can't even lower the thermostat. They may live miles from transit and have to drive; they may be on campus and don't have wide choices of what they can eat.They may have to wear polyester uniforms." It was our most popular ever, racking up 6812 votes.

When reading the post on Tiny Homes: The Next Little Thing I thought: "I am stuck in the house I have, I can't sell it right now, I can't make this kind of change." and I wondered how many of us are stuck in circumstance by job, family, the housing meltdown, that know what they have to do, what they should do, but just can't.