Survey: How Do You Get To Work?

I complain about my city a lot (but I complain about everything) but it has subways, streetcars and buses galore (could have more) and a growing bike lane infrastructure (which they could plough in winter) but I was shocked by the statistics in Spacing that showed how many people rely on cars to get to work in Toronto, and how the number has barely budged in five years. Over all, 71.1% drove, 22.2% took transit, 4.8% walked and only 1% biked.

Then I saw in a comment that this level of transit use was actually high by most urban standards, and is beat only by New York City. (copy below the fold). I suspect that the TreeHugger demographic is different. I know this is similar to a very recent poll but I want to compare to the statistics provided. I wish they had provided an option for "don't commute, work at home"- 179,390 do in Toronto, more than those who bike, so I added "other."

Percentages of commuters who take transit, for some Canadian metropolitan areas (from the census link above):
Toronto - 22
Montreal - 21
Ottawa - 19
Vancouver - 17
Calgary - 16

For US metropolitan areas (2000), from
New York - 25
Chicago - 11
Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington - 9
Los Angeles - 5
Miami, Minneapolis - 4
Atlanta, Houston, San Diego 3
Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix - 2

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