Survey: How Do You Dry Your Clothes?

When Jasmin posted about vinyl dryer balls, noting that they were made from "one of the most poisonous plastics ever created, posing great environmental and health hazards in its manufacture, product life, and disposal." she suggested no alternatives and our readers bounced pounced. "This is frustrating. So we shouldn't use Bounce Sheets, and I shouldn't use dryer balls. What then, pray tell, are the environmentally responsible alternatives?" and "this goes off complaining about a few ounces of PVC that will last decades while ignoring the 800 lb gorrilla: the 800 lbs of coal that needs to be burned each year to power an electric dryer." and my favourite line: "I agree that it would be better to make them out of something other than PVC, but saying that solved the problem would be like painting an SUV with low VOC paint and claiming it's a low-emission vehicle."

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