Survey: Have Green Magazines Jumped the Shark?

Vanity Fair. Elle. Canadian House and Home. Azure. The list of special green editions that we have covered barely scratches the surface of what is on the stands, coming in the mail, or that we wouldn't touch, like this fishwrap that says "Eco Chic: Its fabulous being green" on the cover and has 2/3 of a page on makeup, thats it. Vanessa at Greenasathistle says "Seriously, if I read the word "eco-chic" one more time, I'll jab my eyes out with my biodegradable pen.....Plus these magazines are all so redundant. I mean, enough with the Top 10 Things You Can Do to Help the Environment — Wait, let me guess, drive less and screw in a CFL light bulb? Whoa, never would have thought." Does the wisdom of this crowd say that we have reached the tipping point?