Survey: Do You Take Leftovers Home?

When dining out with my mom the other night we asked to take home the leftovers. Mom was embarrassed; she thought it bad form to be taking doggie bags. We were not, saying that we paid for it and didn't see why it should go to waste. However we draw the line at bringing in our own Tupperware and usually leave with horrible styrofoam clamshells. Instead, we left with neat little "Biopaks" that made us feel much better. They were "developed in the early 1990's. During this period local West Coast governments were banning the use of foam products in foodservice applications. Bio-Pak was developed as an alternative paperboard product that could be substituted for foam clamshells." Unfortunately on checking we found that the are poly-lined; Jennifer Wright of Green Shift notes that ""Coatings found on most cups are made from petroleum-based products, which don't breakdown and contain toxic chemicals." Which raised the question:

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