Survey: Do We Need Population Control?


Everyone calls it the untouchable subject, the elephant in the room, yet whenever we post on it the comment numbers go through the roof. It is controversial, with divergent opinions like Alan Wiesman of The World Without us- "we have to "limit every human female on Earth capable of bearing children to one." Pablo Paster calculates "any number of children that is fewer than 2.1 is simply a continuation of your genetic legacy." Jason Alexander said "if we do not begin to truly account for our numbers, we will surely create an ecological crisis that will only lead to anguish and despair." Penrhyn Jones thought she'd never have kids because she was worried about the "terrible things the world would do to them" but her husband George Monbiot notes that rich westerners consume far more per capita than those teeming masses and concludes "to suggest that population growth is largely responsible for the ecological crisis is to blame the poor for the excesses of the rich." What is a TreeHugger to do?