Surfer Magazine Uses Post-Consumer Recycled Paper


Vanity Fair and Elle couldn’t quite get it together to use a goodly content of recycled fibre for their special Green issues, but it seems that Surfer Magazine has managed to come up with the goods for their latest volume. "By using recycled paper in each issue, every year we´ll save over 4,400 trees from being cut down and more than 13 garbage trucks of solid waste from heading to the landfills," Publisher Rick Irons said. "Our readers are passionate and dependant on the environment, and doing our part to amplify this sentiment is as important to us as it is to them." Apparently the energy saved by the move is enough to power 29 homes for a year. Of course it helps that Patagonia chipped in to sponsor the higher cost of recycled paper. And while it will be only 25% post-consumer recycled content, it’s sure better than nought. (While over at the site you might want to read the latest newsletter of the Surfrider Foundation.) ::Surfer Magazine via Waste News.NB: many, many moons ago we wrote about the UK based Surfers Path mag paddling out in this direction. Pleased to see another finally catch the wave.