Surfboard Swap Next Weekend in San Diego

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Now that the summer surfing season has come to a close, (is there ever really an end to surfing season?), it's time to give your board a little TLC, upgrade any thrashed gear and prepare for the big waves of the winter season. Just in time, ReRip is hosting their third annual "Future of Surfing" Surfboard Swap this weekend in Solana Beach where you can toss your broken boards and check out new green gear. Heck, maybe if you're lucky some fellow surfer will just trade boards with you.Festival-goers are encouraged to donate broken or used boards, and any boards that are still surfable will be auctioned off and the money donated to the Solana Beach Junior Lifeguard program. Besides trading in your old board, you also have the chance to walk away with over $5,000 USD in green prizes and giveaways from local green companies. There will be a variety of local musicians, green vendors and organizations, as well as artisans. Of course there will be the latest in surf board designs and materials. Hopefully several of the companies using alternative materials to make surf boards will be on hand. Two skate ramps will be set up for OB's Surf and Skate skate team to provide demos.

ReRip is an online community that allows members to sell, buy, reuse and recycle sports equipment and this weekend they are focusing on the surf industry. ReRip also establishes drop off locations and events so broken or unwanted equipment can be refurbished or recycled. The event takes place Saturday, October 17 from 11am - 3pm in Fletchers Cove Park in Solana Beach, California. :ReRip
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