Supersize-Me: Giant Fridges Are the New Ugly Trend

giant fridge full.jpg
In the mad, mad world of kitchen design, it looks like refrigerators are the new Viking ranges. Since giant, professional-sized stoves and ovens have become residential standards during the past the past few years, we knew oversized fridges couldn't be far behind. An lo, the NY Times reported last week that the trend has fully reared its ugly head. According to the article, "Americans will buy a record 10 million refrigerators in 2004, and many people are taking home more than one "—that's because their buying seven-foot tall refrigerators that don't even have freezers; separate units are needed for that. Now, we're all for appliances that are pleasing to the eye, things that make you happy, and very fresh food. But when it comes to major appliances, the Supersize-Me trend needs to be tempered with a curbed appetite. ::The New York Times [by MO]