Supernaturale: Ultimate Guide to DIY

If any of you are like this TreeHugger, you received just a thing or two over the holidays that you don't really want, don't know what to do with, but don't want to pitch in the garbage. What to do? Head on over to Supernaturale (we've featured them before, with this handy guide to t-shirt underwear), and they'll help show you how to turn junk into treasure. They encourage everyone to "make your life better by simply making your life," and they've got lots of resources to show you how to do it yourself, from more "traditional" DIY topics like sewing and crafting to more progressive guides to podcasting and eating sustainable foods. The whole site is fun, hip and the editors seem to have a pretty good eye for design. From the novice to the DIY pro, Supernaturale has you covered. ::Supernaturale