Sunset Junction Zero Waste Initiative

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Image source: Beautiful Silverlake

Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce - Green Committee (SLCC-GC) was working overtime at this year's Sunset Junction Street Festival to help both vendors and attendees "Think Before You Toss." As part of their Zero Waste Initiative, the SLCC-GC encouraged the over 25,000 attendees to not only sort their recycling but also to compost.

Attendees could pick up biodegradable containers and silverware as they sampled from over 20 vendors. Kids got a visit from the Bag Monster, who handed out hugs and advice on recycling. Each recycling bin had a Bin Angel to monitor it, and who was allowed to carry away the loot, as California pays for bottles. Several of the vendors made agreements to convert to biodegradable containers, cups, cutlery and bags after attending the event. The SLCC-GC has only been around for a year, but they already have big plans, like following San Francisco's lead to become Zero Waste by 2020. They also plan to target all restaurants in the area to help them go zero waste after the Sunset Junction street festival.

::Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce
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