Sundance: What Do You Want To Know?


Starting Sunday, I'll be your Sundance avatar, a vicarious conduit to Park City's eco films, celebs and SWAG. Since the Lexus Hybrid-sponsored Project Greenhouse will offset its guests' travel, I can feel like a less indulgent celluloid-marinating avatar. The "eco-conscious lifestyle suite" will feature an array of destinations and products that you'll soon know all about, as well as a couple of green-minded projects. Frequently sighted biker Matthew Modine will preview his pedal-related pic. Ed Begley, Jr. will be on hand to chat about Living with Ed. Any questions for these guys? As Simran pointed out earlier, all of this is just the beginning. You'll get the skinny on films and filmmakers with planet-happy ambitions, other eco suites, and the Sundance Channel's new green programming. What else would you like to know? Tell me. And if you're a TreeHugger in Park City, drop me a line! ::Sundance Film Festival