Sundance: Quick Eco Celeb Notes


My first day here and no films viewed, but many incredible companies to tell you about in the days ahead. You will be proud to hear that I did not screen global warming doc Everything's Cool because it would have involved driving an hour each way... Seemed to defeat the purpose. Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Bites: Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle were interviewed by Fox this morning about Living with Ed at Project GreenHouse. Their bickering "ball and chain" shtick seemed perfect: what better way to lure a nice demographic chunk into green living than through seemingly universal Everybody Loves Raymond-esque domestic squabbling? Stay tuned for our TreeHugger interview with Ed as well as details on HGTV's expanding green programming. Kevin Bacon, in town promoting his network, dropped by as a guest at the GreenHouse... Most recent Survivor runner-up Ozzie partook of the Global Greenhouse (yet another eco suite!) goodies and then joked about his post-apocalyptic spear-fishing skills as we shared a van ride... He can catch a fish for me any day... ::Sundance Film Festival