Sundance Channel Asks: What's the Big Idea?


If the Convenient Truths video contest only whetted your appetite for producing short, powerful videos with compelling ideas for helping to save the planet, then the Sundance Channel has a question for you: What's the Big Idea? That's the name of their new contest, and they're looking for one minute films about one big idea that will help change the world and make it better, greener place. If they like your video, a lease of a Lexus hybrid and $10,000 to help turn your idea into reality is yours. The contest was launched earlier this week, on April 1, and they'll be accepting entries through April 30. There are a handful of Big Idea examples up to use for inspiration (including one by TreeHugger's own Kenny Luna -- way to go Kenny!); when your video is complete, upload it directly to the site. There, you can also learn lots more about all the good green things that Sundance is up to in preparation for The GREEN block of programming, coming to a television near you on April 17. What your big idea? ::Sundance Channel's 'What's the Big Idea?' Video Contest
Update: Props to TreeHugger's George Spyros, for producing all of the sample videos (they look great, George!), and, for full disclosure, Sundance Channel is a TreeHugger sponsor, and it's important for TreeHugger to maintain transparency, so we want to be clear about that as well.