Summer in the City: Urban Sustainable Design Studio 2007


Last year we let you know about the Urban Sustainable Design Studio, an eight week summer course dedicated to investigating the role of sustainability within design. The USDS course, now in it's fifth year, is run by Peter Nicholson of the Foresight Design Initiative in Chicago. Nicholson says, "The goal of USDS is for participants to leave the experience more knowledgeable and better equipped for having engaged issues, collaborated with others, and wrestled with barriers." A previous participant A. Small has described the program as being "both a perfect introduction to sustainability as well as a continuation of understood concepts and methods in sustainable design. Tangible, actionable results are hard to come by academically; the best way to learn is through actions and examples, and this studio offers students real-world experiences in sustainable design." This year's projects include interesting briefs such as "(R)evolutionizing the Race: Politics and Design" and "Closed Loop Coffee: Creating the Sustainable Enterprise." The deadline for the application and admission process is April 16th. The course runs from June 18- August 10. :: Foresight Design Initiative

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