Style Will Save Us Lets Us In On Their Kitchen Confidential


Those kind folk over at Style Will Save Us have given us their top tips for an eco-friendly kitchen renovation. Their resident Green Guru, Jenney Poyzer, has 'just put the finishing touches on her eco-fabulous kitchen and spills the beans over her prized contacts list.' She says "the kitchen is the most energy-hungry room and also the room that most attracts - or puts off, buyers." Using recycled, recylable and non toxic materials was the first step towards creating an eco-friendly space. Installing triple A rated electrical products meant that they reduced the energy consumption to below 50% of what the average kitchen uses. Further to that they bought vintage furniture and chose a special colour changing LED lighting system. Read the full post to find out details about the materials and products used. You can also learn more about Jenney Poyser's entire eco-house renovation here. It looks like stylish eco-design will indeed save us! :: Style will save us.