Stunning Ski Video Connects Adventure Sports & Climate Change

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I wrote before about the fact that simpler living may make us happier, but happiness is not enough. It seems we humans have evolved to seek novelty and adventure too. That may be why so many people fly around the world, strap planks to their feet, and then throw themselves down mountains. This activity is not without its own environmental impacts, but a group of snow-loving film makers is hoping to galvanize the ski community into environmental action. And they have created some absolutely breathtaking footage in the process.

All.I.Can. Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Two years' in the making, All.I.Can was created by award winning ski film makers Sherpa Cinema, and the teaser for the movie has been making the rounds of the internet. This isn't, of course, the first time the ski community has stepped up to talk about climate change, but it may be the most visually stunning.

Making the case that those who spend their time out on the mountains are "on the front line" of climate change, All.I.Can is clearly an optimists' kind of movie (the line that this is "not about doing less, but doing more" definitely comes out of the techno-optimists' playbook). Its goal is to unite mountain lovers and to inspire real, lasting action:

The film strives to unite global mountain culture and bind us together as the leaders of a revolution. We must be inspired to do all we can for the environment,
and we must learn how to take that first tiny step in the right direction

Of course there are those who will argue that the environmental impact of a jet-setting adventure lifestyle does not necessarily make for the most convincing climate advocate. But the fact is that most of us (TreeHugging bloggers included) live way beyond the carrying capacity of the earth, and it will be a collective mission to navigate our path down from the mountain. I for one am delighted to see skiers speaking out.

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