StumbleUpon's StumbleThru is a "Random Button" For TreeHugger

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Image: screenshot of StumbleUpon StumbleThru button

If you've ever learned something interesting by clicking the "Random Article" button on Wikipedia (I have!), you're going to love the new StumbleUpon button we've just launched here on TreeHugger. Called "StumbleThru," the new tool gives users a way to discover a random piece of popular TreeHugger content. Instead of pulling from our entire archive of more than 50,000 posts, StumbleThru will bring you a random page from a smaller pool of approximately 15,000 articles, photo galleries, podcast interviews and videos that have been hand-selected by StumbleUpon's 12,000,000 users. StumbleUpon delivers content based on user opinion and an intelligent algorithm, so by using the StumbleThru button you're likely to land on our some of our best or most-popular content, which makes it a great way to see some of the interesting posts you may have missed.

We understand not everyone can read all of our content, which is why we encourage readers to sign up for our daily or weekly newsletters or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Digg or StumbleUpon. We use these services in a variety of ways, but they all help to to bring you the best links from TreeHugger and other sites we are reading each day. But sometimes you just want the thrill of clicking a button and suddenly learning about an awesome lizard with wings or seeing an enlightening map showing the true size of Africa, so the StumbleThru button will fill that craving.

My First Test With StumbleThru

As an example, I just clicked the StumbleThru button 5 times and got the following articles:

Why We Love The Idea of Printing Buildings
Amazon River Water Being Stolen and Bottled Abroad
Guy Builds Massive House with Recycled Glass Bottles, Teaches you How to Do It (Video)
Rare Bee Species Lives Alone, Makes Nest Out of Flower Petals
Scientists Discover a New Form of Lightning

Not bad! Give the new StumbleThru button a try and see what you discover.

New to Stumble Upon?
There's more to learn about StumbleUpon, such as setting up a profile so you can friend other users (join us on StumbleUpon!) or curate your own collection of cool links and important stories, so if you're interested you can get all of that from the StumbleUpon site and tutorials.
How to Use StumbleThru
To StumbleThru TreeHugger, just click the button at the top right of our header, next to the search box. You will be redirected to a piece of content the StumbleUpon users liked. You can always click back to return to the post you were previously on or click the StumbleThru TreeHugger button again and again to keep discovering popular TreeHugger content. If you land on a post you like, you can click the thumbs up button in the Stumble Upon toolbar and you'll increase the odds that more Stumble Upon users will see that post, as well.

We hope you'll enjoy this new tool! Please let us know what you think of the service in the comments below. And let us know if you find any cool posts by using it!

Happy Stumbling!

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