Students! Your Good Green Idea Could be Worth $25,000


For all you students out there with a friggin amazing eco idea rattling around in your head, here's your chance to get the funding to make it happen and enough publicity to make your post-graduation career. Screw that well-intentioned fellowship or grant, go corporate and let mtvU (MTV's college channel) and Ecomagination (General Electric's eco program) pay you to green your campus. Graduate and undergraduate students with a brilliant idea, "mammoth or miniscule," that would make their school more environmentally responsible can submit it to the Ecomagination Challenge. The winner (or winners—it can be a team) win $25,000 to make their project come to life, and an mtvU concert on your campus.The top ten finalists will be featured on mtvU, so the more visual the better, they say. MTV has been up to some interesting stuff lately: they've teamed up with Jay-Z and the UN to tackle clean water issues, put Al Gore on stage at the Video Music Awards, shuttled VMA peeps around in E85 Chevys, and greened up the '$2 Bill Tour.' Their Break the Addiction Challenge is another contest of similar ilk, but I don't think the stakes are anything close. Any eligable TreeHugger readers should tell us if they've entered so we can root for you! :: Ecomagination Challenge via Ecorazzi Thanks to tipster Alex!