Students Shout 'Go Blue' and Plan Green Tailgate

trash left after a tailgate party

Credit: Robert S. Donovan via Flickr.

Tailgating before the big game is fun, no doubt. It can also leave a pile of trash. Those plastic cups, for instance.

Students and alumni at the University of Michigan are attempting a zero-waste tailgate on Saturday morning, Sept. 26, before a pigskin battle against Indiana."What it means to be zero waste is basically, to have nothing go to the landfill," according to Merry Walker, one of those involved.

"Students realize the large footprint this university creates and are constantly looking for new and fun ways to minimize it."

The trashless party is centered around the U of M Alumni Association's 33rd annual Go Blue Homecoming Tailgate, which includes about 3,000 football fans.

How will they do it?

With bamboo plates and utensils made from corn syrup. Both will be put into a compost bin, along with the cups and napkins. Not on the ground? No, not on the ground.

The Alumni Association hopes to produce as little waste as possible. Volunteers from the Student Sustainability Initiative will be stationed at all trash, recycling and composting stations to help attendees recycle.

Go Blue, and in this case, Go Green.

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