Students: Earn a Spot at the Plastics are Forever International Youth Summit

When it comes to plastic, what goes into the ocean, stays in the ocean. It is nearly common knowledge (or should be) that this plastic debris littering the oceans is not the sole responsibility of coast-dwellers. From bottles to bags, plastic trash finds its way into the ocean from even the landlocked middle of the country.

If the entire population is to blame, it is up to everyone to find a solution. The Plastics are Forever International Youth Summit is an opportunity to do just that—and students have the chance to win their place at next year's meeting."At the Summit," organizers explain:

Students will participate in an intensive program to learn more about plastic marine pollution and develop their leadership, public speaking, and communications skills, which will result in a global network of environmental youth leaders.

It's an incredible opportunity for young activists, but registration is limited: Only 100 students will be selected to attend. To earn a spot, student teams must learn about the plastic problem, develop a solution that includes the entire community, and submit their idea.

The application period is open until November 20, 2010.

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