Students Declare "No Print Day"

When copy machines at West Linn High School in Oregon were out of commission for three days in November, people took notice that they were able to save so many reams of paper from being used at school and interest in having a No Print Day once a month began to surface. Then when they realized that so far this year over 2,646,000 pieces of paper have been used at their school they turned that interest into action. So on March 14 they shut down the schools copy machines for what they hope will be the first of many No Print Days to come It's all part of a plan to raise awareness of people's paper usage on a daily basis, and thereby help reduce what turns out to be about 38.6 percent of all garbage in the country that winds up in landfills as paper. As a result of their actions "The next day there was a visual sign of a reduction in paper use," said Angie Hammond their teacher. "People are trying to think of different ways to save paper. They're more conscious of it now." And with groups as diverse as the school's Green Team, the Ecology Team, the Associated Student Body, the leadership classes and a teacher like Ms. Hammond to lead the way; there's a good chance they'll see long term success with it too.

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