Next Tactic: Break Camp And Get Ready To Occupy The Democratic Party.


Because no Republican presidential candidate is willing to take climate action seriously, and because the Obama Administration has apparently given up as well, those of us who do take it seriously have only two choices left. Option #1 is the path that most young people followed in the last, US mid-term election: they didn't vote.

Option #2, which is to co-opt the Democratic Party was expertly framed and explained by George Lackoff in his recemt HuffPost article, Occupy Elections, With a Simple Message.

Here's one of George's key take home messages:
"Whatever Occupiers may think of the Democrats, they can gain power within the Democratic Party and hence in election contests all over America. All they have to do is join Democratic Clubs, stick to their values, speak out very loudly, and work in campaigns for candidates at every level who agree with their values."

We are not saying vote Democratic. What we are saying - I presume to speak for him to the extent I read the linked article and several of Mr. Lackoff's books - is to co-opt the Democratic Party by backing candidates with core environmental values that more closely approximate your own, and who seek something approximating sustainable growth.

For you non-voters.
Saying you are apolitical or alienated from both parties is a political act. It is a stance that indicates low confidence in your ideals and abilities, or that do not understand how Democracy works, or that you are are hoping for some fringe party to succeed. With regard to the latter motivation, John Lennon got it right in Revolution:

You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
You'd better free your mind instead

If you are just depressed and wonder What Would Eeyore Do About Climate Change?, here is the answer:

...the Occupy movement is helping to bring sustainability into focus (without using that term) simply by pointing to the need for a better balance between economy, society,, and environmental protection. This is our opportunity, and we either grab it or slip back into Eeyore mode.

Next Tactic: Break Camp And Get Ready To Occupy The Democratic Party.
The only viable choice left for a sustainable US society is to co-opt the Democratic Party

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