"Lucky" stray dog escapes animal control 92 times

lucky black dog stray dog escape arkansas
Screen capture Yahoo!

Animal Services in Fayetteville, Arkansas, have had a tough time trying to catch a stray dog, known as "Lucky Black Dog" or LBD, that has evaded capture 92 times since 2008.

92 times!

I used to live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, so a friend was pleased to see that Lucky had made the national news on Yahoo and sent me the link.

The neighborhood he runs around in seems to be divided with some wanting him to be locked up, while others have a more carefree attitude and think he should be left alone.

There's something classic about the battle between dog and dogcatcher. From Saturday morning cartoons to Sunday morning comic pages, I think we've all grown up always rooting for the rascally dog against the mean and oafish dog catcher. Lucky seems to be the real life version of that stereotype, so it is not surprising people are rooting for him.

Animal control is an important field, sure. And you almost feel bad for the guy in the video talking about how many times they've been outfoxed - so to speak - by Lucky Black Dog. I mean, is he about to cry? I think he may be.

Apparently a foster family has already been or will be set up for Lucky if he is ever caught.

That is nice, but as much as I normally would support dog adoption and removing stray dogs or any dangerous animal off the public streets, in this instance, I have to admit I am pulling for Lucky. How can you want to see that end? I hope he manages to reach 100 escapes and then just turns himself in to the pound so the animal control guys never get a chance to claim victory. 92 escapes is great and I'm sure it is some sort of record among dogs. But hitting 100? Man, he'd be a legend, dog.

"Lucky" stray dog escapes animal control 92 times
His name is Lucky Black Dog and he does what he wants!

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