Annie Leonard's The Story of Solutions video challenges us to change the game

story of solutions annie leonard
Video screen capture Story of Stuff

Starting with her 2007 classic video, The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard used her informative, but digestible format of storytelling to create videos that tackled problems such as bottled water, electronic waste, toxic cosmetics, cap and trade, US debt, and the Supreme Court case, Citizens United vs FEC.

Her Story of Change video was a shift away from focusing on specific problems to the broader topic of how people should work together to create the change she'd explained was needed with her previous videos. Now, her latest video, The Story of Solutions takes this idea one step further by reminding us that if the economy is a game with a set of specific rules, we need to be careful to recognize solutions that will change the game and not just perpetuate the problems with the game as it currently exists.

In a time where a helping people envision a positive future is so important, it's great to see Leonard continuing to put out such excellent and optimistic videos. We need more people to follow her lead!

For more info or to take action, visit The Story of Stuff.

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