Sting Supports "The Cove," Bob Barker Rescues Lions, and More

sting the cove photo

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While Ric O'Barry and the rest of the team behind "The Cove" continue their efforts to draw attention to the Japanese dolphin slaughter, they got a little help from a famous friend: Sting. The musician met up with O'Barry at the Tokyo performance of his "Symphonicity" tour and, according to The Huffington Post, "told O'Barry to stay optimistic, assuring him that word was getting out about overfishing and depletion of the oceans," and suggesting that the best way to save the creatures is "through dialogue." (Via Take Part)

The New Face of Eco-Friendly Beauty

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The world of eco-friendly cosmetics is about to get a little bit bigger with a new line, Neutrogena Naturals, that will launch with an ad campaign featuring vegetarian actress Kristen Bell. Vegetarian Star got a look at the new collection of balms, face scrubs, cleansers, and makeup removers, and found that they do contain plenty of plant ingredients -- but that they aren't entirely free of chemicals. And across the Atlantic, Butter London has announced the newest color in its line of non-toxic nail polishes: a glittery purple called "No More Waity, Katie," in honor of the long-awaited engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William. Ecouterre reports that the polish will be available in March -- so you have plenty of time to polish up before your royal wedding viewing party.

Woody Harrelson Speaks Up for Chimpanzees

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Eco-warrier Woody Harrleson has a new cause to speak out for: he's joined PETA in calling for the release of a group of chimpanzees recruited for medical research. The 14 chimpanzees lived at the Alamogordo Primate Facility in New Mexico, after retiring from a career that Harrelson says required them to endure "decades of violence and torment" as test animals in "everything from space experiments to high-velocity seat belt tests." In August, actor Gene Hackman wrote a similar letter to the facility, encouraging them to cancel the transfer of 200 chimpanzees from the sanctuary to a testing lab. (Via Mother Nature Network)

Bob Barker Rescues Lions

bob barker lion rescue photo

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Since his retirement from hosting "The Price is Right", Bob Barker hasn't had as many chances to encourage pet owners to get their dogs and cats spayed and neutered -- but he's still been speaking out for animal welfare by funding PETA's new office donating to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's fight against whaling, and calling for the end of roadside zoos. And this week, when Animal Defenders International was able to get 24 lions (including three cubs), 6 monkeys, and other animals away from the Bolivian circus industry and airlifted into Colorado, it was partly because of a "generous donation" from Barker, reports Ecorazzi. Said Barker, "What ADI has achieved in South America is a landmark accomplishment that will have worldwide repercussions. I am proud to have shared in this historical victory on behalf of suffering animals exploited for man's amusement."

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