Sting Opens a Food Store (in Italy)

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What is it about celebrities and food and shops? We've got Prince Charles and his farm store, Liz Hurley and her organic vegetables and Jo Wood (ex-Rolling Stone wife) and hers... It's not like they ever work there....

Now we have Sting, and Trudy, opening a farm store in Italy. If you are in the area, you can turn up at the gate of their shop "Tenuta il Palagio", located on their 900 acre farm near Florence.


Sting already had a business selling foods directly to expensive stores in the USA and Britain. He also has a vineyard that turns out 30,000 bottles of Chianti a year. At the new shop he will be flogging his own brand of olive oil, wine, acacia honey and a speciality salami which is made from a local breed of pig.

At the opening, Sting told the journalists ,neighbours, local residents and the mayor of nearby Figline Valdarno, that he thought there was a 'close rapport' between good food and good music. He said: 'If I don't eat well, I can't sing.'

Sting and Trudy bought the estate in 1997 and started growing food seriously in 2005. The estate has a large 16th century villa with a swimming pool, a wood with six small lakes, vineyards, olive groves and an old barn converted into a recording studio. Fifteen people work there.

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Sting has had an organic farm in Wiltshire for the last 15 years. Every year he and his wife sell 100 Christmas hampers filled with products from their farm, all lovingly chosen by his wife. For £140 ($300US) each hamper contains organic christmas cake, blackcurrant jam, raspberry jam, gooseberry mint and sage jelly, beetroot chutney and a chocolate coin. There is also a bottle of champagne, cassis, and some candles. Styler says, "I've always been a big advocate of local shopping and what could be more local than your own backyard?" (read country estate with staff to match).

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