Stick Hut Sculptures Built by Volunteers Evoke Peace and Simplicity

schwood stick sculpture hut daughertySchwood Sunglasses/Video screen capture

At Oregon State University in Corvallis, two hours south of Portland, students and visitors to the campus are invited to explore a series of sculptures. Built by Patrick Dougherty, the huts made from countless sticks bundled together are a blend of carpentry and art, and evoke a rural, simplified life.

The sculptures are made from tree saplings from the backyards of local basket makers (presumably, the trees were grown to be harvested). Dougherty employed a team of volunteers who had never worked on this sort of project before, creating a sense of community as their skills developed along with the sculptures.

Dougherty wanted to "cast an illusion of simplicity or of being one with nature," where visitors can wander and feel divorced from their everyday materialistic culture. His extensive CV includes a spectacular installation of sculptures at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last summer.

The video was produced for sustainably-minded Shwood Eyewear's "Inspired By..." series. Earlier this year, Shwood built a treehouse in the Oregon forest, and invited anyone who could find it to add a personal touch and enjoy it.

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Stick Hut Sculptures Built by Volunteers Evoke Peace and Simplicity
Artist Patrick Dougherty led a team of volunteers in building hut sculptures; the process is captured in a video from Shwood Eyewear.

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