Steven Spielberg To Make Documentary About Green Architect William McDonough?


According to Business 2.0, Steven Spielberg may make a documentary about green-design guru William McDonough. Spielberg was inspired by the impact of the film "An Inconvenient Truth" starring Al Gore. McDonough says he got a mysterious call from Spielberg last spring. Spielberg invited him to Los Angeles and McDonough discovered that the famous director wanted to make a documentary about his work. McDonough explained: "He'd just seen Al Gore's movie and felt it would be great to make a film about what people are doing about [global warming]. The ending of Gore's film is tragic, because after showing the scale of the catastrophe, he says, 'There's some hope here,' but the hope is what? Buy hybrid? Change your lightbulbs? It's not enough!" :: Via Business 2.0 via Jetson Green