Steven Colbert Rips Into Boy Scouts for Logging Hypocrisy

Last week news broke about the Boy Scouts of America practicing clear-cutting and other high impact logging strategies in order to make money, despite their oath to conserve the earth's resources. They own the land on which the logging occured, but it still reeks of hypocrisy. Even Steven Colbert can't pass up taking a crack at the organization. From the San Francisco Gate:

The scouts insist they manage the wild lands they own with sensitivity and care.

But the investigation - a nationwide review by five newspapers of more than 400 timber harvests, court papers, property records, tax filings and other documents since 1990 - also found that:

-- Scout councils have ordered the logging of more than 34,000 acres of forests - perhaps far more, as forestry records nationwide are incomplete.

-- More than 100 scout groups - one-third of all Boy Scouts councils nationwide - have conducted timber harvests.

-- Councils logged in or near protected wildlife habitat at least 53 times.

-- Councils have authorized at least 60 clear-cutting operations and 35 salvage harvests, logging practices that some experts say harm the environment but maximize profits.

There goes a significant chunk of tree-hugging reputation from the classic organization. While many of the councils do practice sustainable forestry, those that have strayed and broken rules in order to gain a profit have ruined it for the whole lot. Seems they could have relied on other smart plans for raising funds.

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Steven Colbert Rips Into Boy Scouts for Logging Hypocrisy
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