Steve N. Lee Offers 15% Off Newly Released Book: "What If...?"

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Looking for a good book to wrap up your summer reading with? Why not purchase a book that makes a difference like Steve N. Lee's "What If ?" It's not only a great book, but also at a great price AND money from the sale of each book goes to a good cause as well. "What If ?"is a mainstream suspense thriller that blends intrigue and roller-coaster action into a fast-paced tale that keeps the reader hooked to the very last page. Shootouts, car chases and conspiracies are interwoven with a thought-provoking exploration of today's global crises, creating a chilling, real-life picture of the world and a story that's as moving as it is thrilling.As issues such as poverty, climate change, environmental awareness, and deforestation play such vital roles in "What if...?", for every copy sold through the website, $4 will go to the international charity Save the Children which feeds the world's poorest kids. The wonderful thing is that while $4 might seem like nothing to you and me it's enough to feed a Third World child for nearly a month.

From now through September 30, 2009, TreeHugger readers receive 15% off a signed copy of "What If ?". No coupon code is necessary; visit the TreeHugger landing page for further details. Changing the World Today
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