Stephen Fry Gives a Great Green Gift For Mother's Day

Stephen Fry in the Cambrigeshire Fens photo

Image via: Healthy Planet

This Sunday March 22nd is Mother's Day here in the UK and while we all like to show our mums how much we love them, we're also wary of these occasions, like Valentine's Day, that can be overwhelmingly commercial. Luckily, as TreeHugger's gift guides show, there are many ways of giving green gifts. On this occasion Stephen Fry, the Great Brit himself, is leading by example, through the Healthy Planet charity Stephen has given his mother an adopted hectare of Cambridgeshire Fen, helping to conserve one of Britain's most beautiful and biodiverse areas. Click through to read Stephen's message... "My mother will love the idea of a gift that supports a conservation project here in England,' said Stephen. 'It's a mother's natural instinct to think of their children's future, so it's nice to say thank you in this way. This is quick & easy to do & will be fun to give her. Don't tell her because it's a surprise! Become my neighbour & support conservation in the Great Fen Project by adopting a hectare there, or in any of Healthy Planet's 77,000 protected parks around the world."

Stephen Fry with his mum photo

Image via: Healthy Planet

Being the celebrated technophile that he is Stephen loves the fact that Healthy Planet put a virtual plaque up on Google Maps marking the area that he adopted for his mother. "Healthy Planet has sent me a personalised Land Guardian Certificate to give to my mother, & she can look at her adopted land on the Healthy Planet website - when she clicks on it, she'll see a photo of the two of us and a plaque dedicated to her."

Stephen chose the Cambridgeshire Fens because it's a conservation cause close to his heart, he has been the president of the Great Fen Project since 2006. The project is restoring more than 9,000 acres of fenland habitat in Cambridgeshire. It will create a haven for wildlife and open new opportunities for business, education and recreation.

Is there an area of great natural beauty that is close to your heart? Go to the Healthy Planet website to browse 77,000 other parks and reserves worldwide and see if you can find your mum a meaningful gift for Mother's Day.

Healthy Planet
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