Stephen Colbert Celebrates Earth Day: "Suck it, Trees!"


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Stephen Colbert celebrates Earth Day because "it's America's planet." He's also glad that a number of the nation's leading newspapers have gone to such great lengths to dedicate show their appreciation for environmentalism that they printed additional pullout sections dedicated to green issues. Using up more trees in the process, of course. Video is after the jump:

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Newspapers Celebrate Earth Day
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Can always count on Colbert to serve up some good ol' satire-laced hilarity. Although, when you think about it, it's kind of a tired gag -- the old dead tree media outlets printing green issues has long, long, long been the subject of derision, as I'm sure you're all well aware. Still funny, of course.

I hadn't even paid attention to any of those green supplements in the papers this year -- anyone pick one up? Doesn't seem like there'd be much in the way of exciting material to cover. In fact, anyone else feel like this Earth Day was much wearier, more lethargic than last year? Last year, around this time Obama was going to save the world, Copenhagen was going to protect the climate, and the biggest setback we could come up with was Rush Limbaugh being a dick. Now, a year later, Copenhagen fizzed out, there's still no climate legislation, and Obama's handing out offshore drilling permits to the oil companies.

Good thing Colbert's around to laugh at . . .

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