Stephen Colbert Blasts BP For Sending Fake Journalists to Cover Spill (Video)


The story was pretty amusing when it surfaced last week: the Wall Street Journal gained access to BP Planet, an in-house company magazine, only to discover that the oil giant had sent out its own 'journalists' to cover the spill, and were sending back dubiously rosy reports. But the whole thing grew even more amusing in the hands of Stephen Colbert:

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After noting the depressing nature of the ongoing media coverage of the spill -- how could it not be, with the spill making landfall and still spewing tens of thousands of barrels into the Gulf -- Colbert takes on BP's journalistic efforts. He also includes a suggestion for the next issue's children section: (via the Huffington Post)


Nothing like a little black humor to vent some catharsis at the biggest environmental disaster ever to hit US shores, I suppose.

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