Stephen Colbert Bashes Ad that Claims Immigrants Cause Climate Change (Video)

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You might have heard this repugnant argument before: Immigrants are making climate change worse, because when they move to nations with a higher standard of living, they increase their carbon footprint. That idiotic view is easy enough to debunk—aren't those of us already enjoying that carbon-intensive higher standard of living the root of the problem then, not those who aspire to our comforts?—but the argument gets some traction by appealing to the xenophobic among us.

It's also perhaps why MSNBC is airing the deceptively offensive spot; at first glance it appears somewhat logical, and it's relatively oblique in its method of blaming our problems on immigrants. Thankfully, Stephen Colbert tears the whole thing to shreds in five hilarious minutes.

Watch: (via Grist)

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