Stephen Colbert Argues About Global Warming. With Himself. And Al Gore (VIDEO)

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We all know who Stephen Colbert considers to be his most worthy foe--himself. He tells us so every time he does a Formidable Opponent bit, in which he argues with different versions of himself over the topics of the day. Last night, the Stephens took on the global warming debate, with a little help with dual Al Gores. Video after the jump.If you watch only one satiric video about the current arguments circulating about climate change policy (that features twin late night TV hosts and dual ex-vice presidents), this is your ticket:

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Al Gore, who's promoting a new book, Our Choice, about working towards global warming solutions, has been making the rounds on the late night circuit. The night before, he dropped by the Daily Show. He's also been fending off a brand new, unjust wave of criticism. But there's no trace of that here, and his comic timing is about as good as it gets for a notoriously stiff ex-politician.

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