Stella and Ali Face Off, Brian Boitano Gets Cooking, and More

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Two of the green fashion world's biggest names went head to head this week, as Edun's Ali Hewson sued Stella McCartney to stop McCartney from releasing a perfume called "Stella Nude." Hewson, who co-owns Edun with her husband, Bono, claimed that the title of McCartney's scent was too close to that of Hewson's Nude Skincare line. Click through to see who came out on top and for more of this week's green celebrity news.A British judge allowed McCartney to move forward with the release of her product, saying that blocking the already-manufactured product would cause more harm to McCartney's business than releasing it would to Hewson. (Via Daily Mail)

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Grammy winner and green advocate Sheryl Crow will lend her voice to the November 11 opening of Greenbuild, a three-day conference on sustainable construction processes, during a performance at Phoenix's Chase Field. "Performing at Greenbuild is like being on the international stage of the green movement, celebrating with you the progress we're making on this important issue," said Crow, who has taken green steps that range from throwing herself an eco-friendly baby shower and launching her own eco-friendly clothing company to installing solar panels on her home and using biodiesel on her tour bus.

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Last month, Lloyd looked at the numbers behind blog headlines that targeted U2's upcoming 360 tour with claims that it would "create enough carbon to send Bono and the boys to Mars." Now, the band is responding to those same headlines: guitarist The Edge says, "I think anybody that's touring is going to have a carbon footprint. I think it's probably unfair to single out rock 'n' roll. There's many other things that are in the same category but as it happens we have a program to offset whatever carbon footprint we have." While he didn't go into details, he also said the band would "love to have some alternative to big trucks bringing the stuff around, but there just isn't one." What do you think, music fans? Is the carbon footprint of any band's tour worth seeing a live performance? (Via ABC News)

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Figure skater Brian Boitano may be best known for his work on the ice, but it turns out he's also a committed chef--and the Food Network plans to highlight his cooking skills with a new show, What Would Brian Boitano Make?, premiering August 23. Boitano describes his carbon footprint as "pretty light," citing his preference for walking or biking instead of driving, new CFL bulbs, and history as a spokesperson for Earth Day. But he describes the new show as "goofy and funny," saying, "The I make food with friends at the beginning of the episode and that inspires me to come up with al all-new menu from what we've eaten and throw an event at the end of the episode." While there's no word yet on whether this means lots of ideas for leftovers--or whether Boitano's "light" footprint includes a majority of vegetarian dishes--he does say that his diet consists mostly of lower-food-chain eating, including fish and vegetables. (Via Mother Nature Network)

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