State Sponsored Ad Campaign Promotes Cleanliness in Stockholm


Sometimes called the Venice of the North, Stockholm, Sweden is composed of large islands stitched together to create a city. Parks and tree-lined streets are common and nature is close. In fact, Djurgarden (tr. "The Animal Park") a section of the city, is almost exclusively composed of parkland. From most anywhere in the city water is near. Two bodies of water straddle Stockholm; the Baltic Sea on one side and lake Mälaren on the other. The city went through a dramatic clean-up in the 1970s and is now one of the cleanest big cities in the world. Currently the City of Stockholm is running a campaign to get citizens involved in keeping their city clear. "Stockholm Clean and Beautiful" is the name of the campaign which enlists citizens to share the responsibility of keeping the city clean. Large yellow stickers featuring the official shield of the city of Stockholm grace garbage cans proclaim: "Here is the closest garbage can!" In smaller letters the sign provides a number to call if the receptacle is full and a cheerful — "Thanks for your help!"