The State of Science in America (Daily Show Video)

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Okay, so I already posted about one Daily Show segment today -- that'd be Jon Stewart calling out the media for over-hyping ClimateGate while ignoring important climate change-confirming studies. But seeing as how it's Friday, I think there's room for one more. Especially when it's this good/infuriating: Watch Aasif Mandvi as he exposes a GOP strategist working to sow doubt about science in America, and ends up satirizing our depressing attitudes towards the discipline as a whole ...

This is funny, sure -- but it should also be alarming as hell. After all, this is actually what top Republican strategists think of science. Like it's some arcane, arbitrarily constructed body of knowledge that can be disputed by anybody who don't think it "feels" right, and should take a backseat to Old Testament mythologies. This woman gives no indication that she is living in the 21st century, an era in which science has so profoundly impacted our lives that you'd have to be borderline clinically insane not to recognize its importance.

Hat tip to Grist

The State of Science in America (Daily Show Video)
A GOP strategist unwittingly reveals everything that's wrong about the nation's current approach to science.

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