Stars Offset U.S. Tour


There's an awfully lot of great music coming out of Canada these days, lead by the bands on Toronto-based label Arts & Crafts. One of those bands, Stars, is now trekking across the U.S. on a fall tour and plans to make sure that they, and their fans, are jamming a carbon neutral tune. Leading the charge for Stars is Reverb, an environmental organization for musicians out of Maine. Reverb, as we mentioned a few months back, "assists artists and tour managers in everything from obtaining organic food to recycling guitar strings."

For the Stars tour, the Reverb is helping to purchase renewable energy credits to offset the band's shows, transportation and accommodations. At U.S. shows, fans will be able to get in on the energy credit act by purchasing Stars Carbon Offset Stickers for a suggested donation of $5. Stars fans, we'll see you at the merch booth.

::Via Arts & Crafts

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