Starbucks Challenge: Fair Trade Coffee

Did you know that you can walk into a Starbucks and ask "Could I get a cup of Fair Trade Coffee, please" and that they'll actually give it to you? Well, that's according to their policy anyway. We didn't either. According to a report issued by Starbucks, "Fair Trade Certified coffee can be brewed by coffee press during store hours upon customer request." Additionally, they say they are one of North America's largest roasters and retailers of Fair Trade Certified coffee and they sell it around the world in 21 different countries. City Hippy and green LA girl have teamed together for their Starbucks Challenge and ask all of us to order a cup of Fair Trade joe next time we visit the popular coffee shop. They want to know what happened and if it was a difficult experience. Log on to the site and email or blog your feedback for others to read. Don't forget to pass along the word - the more people that join the challenge the more accurate it will be. When they've received a good amount of feedback, they plan to contact Starbucks to see what their response is and, if it is positive feedback...well, we'll wait to see what happens. Via ::City Hippy ::Starbucks' Fair Trade Information (PDF format)