SRD Change09: Students Seek to Inspire, Provoke and Change Design

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SRD Change is the annual exhibition of new graduate design and ideas that address our those issues which will impact our future. Like issues of sustainability, environmental change and responsibility, social equity and community. The Society for Responsible Design (SRD), probably the planet's oldest eco-design not-for-profit organisation, believe that such ideas challenge conventional expectations and raise the design bar to new levels.

Change 09 showcases the directions that graduates from top universities see the world taking, should they secure jobs in various design professions. On view will be a high rise building that grows it own food; an award winning water transport and filter system; a thermoacoustic water chiller that promotes reusable water bottles; a flexible, roll-up solar charger that tracks the sun; an integrated housing and permaculture garden project. And so much more, as the teaser photos here (and below) suggest. Included is also Link Scooter share design, we profiled month ago.

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This years exhibition will be launched on Monday 12 October 2009, by Alan Saunders, presenter of the ABC Radio National program, By Design. Then it will run as a free exhibition until Saturday 17 October. Appropriately, this year the venue is right in the heart of Sydney, Australia, at the Deutsche Bank Place, a NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) 4.5 star energy rated and 5 star water rated building.

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The SRD are in the throes of finalising this years exhibition's website. But here is the Change 09 launch invitation (PDF), a link to last years exhibition and one to the Society for Responsible Design (SRD)'s home page.

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Disclosure: This writer has been on the executive committee of the SRD since 1994, although to widely varying degrees of involvement.
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