Squidoo Lenses Focusing on Treehugger


Squidoo is a fascinating concept where people with an interest or expertise set up web pages, sort of like blog software but more flexible."We have built an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to build lenses on topics they are passionate about. These lenses help you find a unique, human perspective on things that interest you." It was founded by author and marketer Seth Godin and has attracted thousands of contributors. It is in beta and some of the lenses are thin, but one can see where it is going. We typed Treehugger into the search box and found some interesting pages:The Essentials of Green Building

David Arkin and Anni Tilt are architects specializing in alternative construction systems, including straw-bale and rammed earth, renewable energy systems, greywater, and non-toxic and recycled materials. Their page has some useful links, a terrific book list and some wonderful project pictures.

Modern Design Mania

"All the modern design online that's fit to print! Enjoy and let me know if I've missed anything. I aim to make this lens a one-stop shop for design fans." Basically a list of design blogs (including Treehugger) and flickr pictures, but a good selection.

Water, Water Everywhere?

We are on a water kick right now at Treehugger, and have just found a great new source of links, books and information. "This lens highlights water sources, what we're actually drinking, prospects for the future & latest research and thinking on the all present and powerful -- WATER." Lisa Gansky has done a lot of work here. We like the phrase "Daily dip from Treehugger"

Waste and Recycling

Ray Jenkins collects a long and useful list of links on the subject of waste and recycling.

Randomly searching, we find all kinds of people from Joel Makower to Jeff McIntire-Strasburg to CityHippy have set up lenses, and that many are not particularly fresh. But blogging isn't for everyone; for some subjects and passions it is inappropriate. Congratulations to Squidoo for creating a platform where we can hear other voices in a new format. We hope it finds its legs and its audience! ::Squidoo