Spread the Word on Sustainability: Notodofotofest and Big Noise for Fair Trade


Two contests oriented to photographers and advertising professionals are taking sustainability as the main theme: Notodofotofest and Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair. The first one, is the II Internet Collective Photography Festival, and intends to be "a big mosaic of images that show how we see the world and our society". To participate, you have to send a series of three photographs related among them and -optionally- add a line that tells how or what you see in them. As we mentioned, this year the theme is "Sustainability: the balance between society progress and environment protection"; and there are more than 40 thousand euros in prizes. This year the festival has also incorporated a section for amateurs. Entries are open until January 21st (more info at their website, in Spanish, but has the English option at the bottom of the page). The second festival, Big Noise For Fair Trade, is a competition open to any creative under 30 years old, and the goal is to create a campaign "that aims to raise awareness about the iniquities in international trade and pressure governments, companies and institutions to make trade the solution not the source of poverty". The campaign must be in non-traditional media, so can encompass live events, virals, websites, consumer-generated content, podcasts, anything that will make the most impact and shout loudest about the issues. Entries will then be judged by a panel of 60 top international judges from the fields of advertising marketing and communication; and winners will have their ideas published worldwide while working with top creatives. Entries for the competition open on December 1st and close on February 9th (more details in the website). ::Notodofotofest ::Make a big Noise

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