Spray-on Defense from WiFi and Cellphones

Ever since we first learned about the dangers of wifi from Fred Gilbert, we have eyed our router nervously and avoided cellphone towers, and followed news about electromagnetic forces. Thus we are so relieved to find that Clarins has come out with a spray-on mist that can protect us from EMF. 'If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin!', According to the packaging you can 'Ramp up your skin care regimen with E3p Screen Mist, a new health and beauty treatment that helps protect your skin from all types of known pollutants, including electromagnetic waves. This mist acts as a shield, coating it with an imperceptible and invigorating film." Scientists at Clarins whipped up the "Magnetic Defense Complex" from ingredients found 2000 metres deep in the ocean and were elated-"We exposed our cell cultures to a frequency of 900 MHz in the presence of these two plant extracts and found that their structures hardly changed!" From the Guardian:

Michael Bluck, an engineer at Imperial College, sounds distinctly unconvinced. We have been bathed in EM waves since the dawn of time. So-called "artificial" waves are used by electronic devices because they do not interact with our bodies. If you were intent on stopping the waves, Bluck explains that you could scatter them with a fine mesh of metal or absorb them - although the energy would be converted to heat, which would cook your skin.

But what about the ocean ingredients that prevented ageing in lab tests? "Presumably there's not a lot in the way of electromagnetic waves, particularly artificial ones, down in the bottom of the ocean, so why the organisms should have evolved this capability is beyond me," says Bluck.

His advice for anyone worried about EM radiation? "Live as far away from the producers of EM waves as possible and live with the consequences of having no friends and no life," he says.:: Strange Harvest and ::Guardian