Sponge Network

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U.K.-based non-profit Sponge is a network of open-minded individuals who share a particular interest in sustainable development. If you are in construction, design, engineering or planning, and you’re also here at TH, then this site may be for you. Common side effects include a focus on fresh ideas in building and the ability to demonstrate how sustainable development can improve the quality of our built and natural environment. Sponge first launched in 1999 and is geared toward young professionals, but participation is open and to all.

At Sponge, you’ll find info, debates, new ideas, and successful initiatives, as well as a place to share your own ideas and produce workable sustainable solutions. In addition to organizing events and networking opportunities, the group hopes to help its members influence policy through surveys and consultation workshops, and to get involved in improving the sustainability performance of specific projects. Ask yourself if Sponge is right for you. ::Sponge [by MO]