Spoke n' Wheel LED Bike Lights

heart whell.jpg
More groovy news from the gals at Popgadget, who spotted Michael Kertesz's Bicycle Wheel, a system of LED lights applied to spokes. We've seen this done before, but this looks extra-good, so we're giving it props. By mounting a thin strip of 32 LEDs on the spoke to create a semi-transparent screen, Kertesz can send messages, images, and animations to passers-by, while also increasing cyclist safety. The mechanism uses "persistence of vision," the fact that the eye perceives a series of rapidly moving images as a single still image, to create the illusion. You can check out the magic at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Winter Show, where wicked smart kids put their semester's work on display. Via Popgadget. ::Michael Kertesz [by MO]