Spill Some Oil, Vent Some Rage with InstantOilSpill.com

bp-page-spilled photo

Image Credit: InstantOilSpill.com

The anger at BP over the past three months has been expressed in a lot of ways: calls to boycott the company into bankruptcy. A competition to redesign BP's logo. Even a tarring and feathering. Few, however, have been as cathartic as InstantOilSpill.com, which lets you cause your very own oil spill on any website you like.InstantOilSpill.com is brought to you by Greener Media and Mark and Phil Marketing, who write:

The purpose of the website is ultimately to raise awareness about A Cleaner Future, a partnership between Mark & Phil and Greener Media to provoke, inspire, and provide information about alternative and renewable energy sources. The organization uses traditional advertising tactics like viral marketing, social media, and micro-websites to spread its message of creating a more sustainable energy policy in America.

They also promise several more "viral pieces" over the next few months, each addressing an environmental cause.

Whether or not the noble goal of raising awareness will really be accomplished by the temporary oil spill you can cause, it's not a bad way to kill a few minutes and harmlessly release some of your rage against British Petroleum, or whomever you like.

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